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Jimmy’s Main Points

  • An Epic Story
  • Told in the Wilderness
  • Personally Invited


  • What has been your understanding of the Bible and how it all fits together?  Did the idea of a four chapter story challenge your understanding of the Bible?
  • Discuss the significance of God’s Story in Scripture being an unfolding story.
  • Spend some time discussing the opening chapter of Creation.  What do we learn about God? What do we learn about humans?  How is this applicable to culture, the church and each individual?
  • Jimmy shared the context of the giving of the creation story (Moses telling the Hebrews in the wilderness after they were rescued from slavery in Egypt).  Talk about why it is important to have this context?  How does understanding the background impact theological arguments such as Old Earth/New Earth, etc.?
  • Jimmy described the next chapter, The Fall, as the ‘dark thread’ that is weaved throughout the Epic Story.  How does The Fall impact The Story?  Our story?
  • Our third chapter is Redemption.  This is described as the time when ‘God’s story becomes our story.’  Discuss what is meant by this description.
  • Finally, we are given the closing chapter of Consummation.  Spend some time contemplating the value of knowing the end of The Story.  How does/should this impact our stories?