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Overview:  The Explicit Gospel is an excellent resource that seeks to make explicit what we often assume people know: namely, the gospel.

Matt Chandler writes, The Bible establishes two frames of reference for the same gospel.  I call these vantage points the “ground” and the “air” and in this book we’re going to see how together they comprise the explicit gospel.  “The Gospel on the Ground,” we will trace the biblical narrative of God, Man, Christ, Response…”The Gospel in the Air,” we’ll see how the apostle Paul connects human salvation to cosmic restoration Romans 8:22-23.  Here we’ll look at the oft-forgotten meta-narrative of the Bible’s story of redemption…If the gospel on the ground is at the micro level, the gospel in the air is the story at the macro level.

strengths of this Resource: I believe this is the most concise and clear treatment of the gospel on the book shelves.  Chandler is an excellent writer who weaves story into strong interpretation and theology.  He also ends the book with sections that deal with the errors of practice that can come from focusing on one of his two frames of reference over the other (i.e. focus on the ground gospel at the exclusion of the air gospel).

Weaknesses of this Resource: None, I really like this book and feel that it would benefit every smallGroup at CAC at some point in its life.

Who Should Use this Resource? This is a Stir Resource. It is a foundational book that would serve a group well over a 3 to 6-month period.  I have a copy in my office that you may peruse or you can investigate it here.