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Jimmy’s Main Points

  • We Built That City
  • Focusing to Expand
  • Better Than Being Righteous


  • The ‘let us’ of Genesis 11:4 echoes the ‘let us’ of Genesis 1:26. How is the second ‘let us’ like that of the first?  How do they differ?
  • Where is God present in Genesis 11?  Where is he ‘absent?’
  • What is significant about the work of the people of Babel and the ‘work’ of Abram in Genesis 12?
  • What are the benefits of God’s covenant with Abram?  What is the missional aspect?
  • What are the benefits of God’s New Covenant with us?  What is the missional aspect?
  • Do you agree with the statement, ‘…redemptive grace is always unexpected?’
  • Why is a story of God’s great covenant promise to Abram (Genesis 12:1-9) immediately followed by a story of failure by Abram (Genesis 12:10-20)?


  • Think about the different areas of your life: marriage, family, career, community, etc.  Are you building them with or without God?
  • Survey the NT and look at the references to Abraham.  Meditate on what is highlighted about this man and his faith.
  • Juxtapose this with the stories of Abram/Abraham’s failures (Genesis 12:10ff; 16; 20).  Reflect on how God’s grace is greater than our sin/flaws/lack of faith