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Jimmy’s Main Points

  • Stretched to the Limit
  • Giver or the Gift?
  • Promise Renewed


  • Give your unpolished thoughts about the story in Genesis 22.  Have you de-sensitized yourself from this ‘obscene’ story?
  • Have there been/Are there things that God has asked you to do that seem to contradict his promise?  How did you/are you reconcile/reconciling these ‘contradictions?’
  • Do your words bore God?  Reflect on and share a time when your faith in action delighted God.
  • Jimmy asked, ‘Do I love the gifts more than I love the Giver?’  Spend some time discussing this and the following statement: What God does for us cannot replace who he is to us.
  • Have you ever had one of those ‘riding a roller coaster blind’ times in your life?
  • In what areas of your life do you need to know ‘The eternal, enduring God?’


  • Compare and contrast Genesis 22 with John 3:16
  • Meditate on Hebrews 11
  • Watch The Passion of The Christ