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Main Points of Jimmy’s Sermon:

  • Sons of Adam
  • Circumstances Do Lie
  • God’s Character

Introductory Thoughts:

  • God is telling a story that is bigger than Joseph
  • Don’t pass judgement on your current circumstances


  • Think about each of the principle characters in the Genesis 37 narrative.  In what ways do you identify with Jacob? Joseph? His brothers?
  • First, unpack Jimmy’s statement, “Circumstances Do Lie” in the Joseph story.  Then, how does this apply to your life (past, present and future)?
  • How did God’s character play a role in the story of Joseph’s life?  What aspects of God’s character have you had to rely on in the past when circumstances have led you to believe a lie about God, another person or you?
  • Read Genesis 50:20.  What is your initial response to this statement?  As you unpack it and reflect on it, how does this help you to struggle well with life?
  • How can the community of believers encourage you when you are struggling with circumstances that lie to you?  This is a chance to let others know what tangibly helps you when you are struggling with a circumstance.  This may be the difference between you struggling and struggling well.


  • Memorize Genesis 50:20
  • Spend some time comparing Genesis 50:20 (and the whole life of Joseph) with Romans 8:37-39 (context of Romans 8)
  • Spend some family time talking about a hard time and how God’s character sustained you during this circumstance.
  • In your prayer/journaling/etc. time, find the good and thank God, write it down, and/or tell others of the good (your spouse, children, neighbor, co-worker, etc.)
  • Listen to 10,000 Reasons or some other song that reminds us to remember the good in the midst of the bad.