Main Points of Dave’s Sermon

  • The Egyptian Story of Power
  • God’s Story of Redemption
  • A God Who Saves


  • What is your favorite story?  How has this story impacted you? (for example, one of my favorite stories is It’s A Wonderful Life and I often think of this story as events unfold in my life)
  • What is the story of your life?
  • What story would you like to see unfold in your children’s lives?
  • Discuss the significance of God addressing specific Egyptian gods with each of the plagues.
  • How would you retell the Exodus to someone with no biblical context?  How would you relate it to the cross?
  • In what ways does the Exodus story impact your life story?


  • Listen to “Mighty to Save”
  • Read a children’s storybook Bible such as “The Jesus Storybook Bible” by Sally Lloyd-Jones to regain the wonder of story