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Main Points of Jimmy’s Sermon
  • Remembering God, Knowing Who They Are
  • Long Look at Obedience
  • Chief Among Sins


  • What is the difference in calling Moses the Great Law-Teller rather than the Great Law-Giver?
  • We celebrated communion today.  Where does ‘remembrance’ come into the equation as you partake in this ordinance?
  • What is it that you remember about God’s work in your life?
  • How does remembering help you respond?  Or does it?
  • Talk about the word relationship.  How does this word impact our relationship with the Law?
  • Talk about the word reveal.  How does this word interact with the people of God?
  • What benefit from God are you most likely to keep to yourself?
  • Have you ever made audacious promises to God?
  • Did this sermon make you think differently about obedience?  If so, how?


  • Memorize 1 Peter 2:9-12
  • Read Five Views on the Law & Gospel by Walt Kaiser
  • If you are a person that tends towards perfectionsim and rules; memorize and meditate on Matthew 11:28