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Jimmy’s Main Points

  • I Did it My Way
  • Relationship Above All
  • Healing & Forgiveness


  • The part of God’s redemptive plan that cost him the most was in making us holy.  What do you think of that statement?
  • When you think of holiness, what comes to mind?
  • What comes to mind when Jimmy made the statement, “We continually forget that we constantly live in the presence of a holy God?”
  • Does your relationship with God trump every other issue in your life?  In what ways?  In what ways do you hope to grow in this area?
  • What are some terms you place on God and your relationship with him?
  • How do you define worship?  Read Leviticus 10 and discuss how “I did it my way” infiltrates worship? (If you define worship as the public gathering, then this question is really shallow and only deals with Saturday evening or Sunday morning.  Not a good understanding of worship.)
  • Spend some time discussing Leviticus 16 and Hebrews 9 & 10
  • What are some of your covering tactics when it comes to sin?  How does this fly in the face of the reality that we constantly live in the presence of a holy God?



  • Read the book of Leviticus 16 and trace some themes: Jesus, sacrifice, the cross, forgiveness, substitution
  • Read 1 Samuel 15 and think through the difference between internal and external obedience.
  • Read The Atonement by Leon Morris
  • Read The Cross of Christ by John Stott