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  • Years 2-40 of the Exodus
  • Two generations
  • Chapters 1-10 prepares them for a move and a battle; trip should have taken eleven days

Jimmy’s Main Points:

  • Moving On
  • It Doesn’t Take Long
  • Vanishing Act


  • What has the road of life exposed about your heart?
  • What do you find yourself complaining about most?
  • Give some concrete examples of how you rationalize your complaints.
  • Was God’s anger towards the Israelites in Numbers 11-12 justified? Why or why not?
  • What area(s) of your life could be ‘graves of craving’?
  • In what ways are you like an Israelite?
  • How is your past a snare in your spiritual growth?


  • Spend a week writing down and verbalizing specific people and things for which you are thankful.
  • Read Psalm 106 every day for a week.
  • Keep a list of cravings that compete with your satisfaction in Christ.

Think About It

  • Cravings promise something
  • God promises us everything in Christ.
  • Faith in Christ is trusting his promises more than the promises that cravings give.
  • God is not safe; but he is good.