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Here is what the back of the book says…

With compelling metaphors, Jesus described the church and its impact on the world.  And indeed, filled with the Holy Spirit, the early church demonstrated a spiritual energy and depth that transformed the surrounding culture.  Don’t let your church settle for less!  Using bridges as a metaphor for ‘irresistible influence’—Robert Lewis shows how your church can become a strong, well-traveled link between heaven and earth in your community

The Strengths of This Book

This is a book that was born out of life in the local church.  He does a real nice job of guiding us through the ‘how-tos’ of incarnational bridge-building.  He brings an excitement with story after story of all kinds of people doing different bridge-building activities (he calls these Bridge Stories and they generally open each chapter).

Lewis isn’t afraid to challenge us to quit looking to meet our needs alone.  His vision to be a church without walls goes hand-in-hand with RJ’s ServeLocal mission and vision.

This book was written with discussion/implementation in mind.  Many times there are good questions at the end of a chapter that will work well in a smallGroup context.

The Weakness of This Book

This book is written with a specific church context in mind.  Therefore, much of the ‘how-tos’ won’t work at CAC.

Who Should Use This Book?

This is one of two books (the other being The Externally Focused Church) that I think every smallGroup should go through at some point in its existence.  The Church of Irresistible Influence does a nice job of clearly giving us a vision and passion for incarnational ministry.

This is a Serve Resource because it should be a catalyst for thinking through and then doing ministry outside the walls of the church through the church.

How Do We Get This Resource?

You can order the book at amazon.com.  If you like to read this before deciding to use this in your group, stop by my office and borrow my copy.