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Jimmy’s Main Points

  • Strange Preparations
  • God’s Commitment
  • Knowing the Real Enemy


  • Jimmy talked about defining moments.  As you look back, what are some defining moments in your life individually? For your family?  For your community?
  • How is trusting sometimes harder than conflict?
  • Spend some time talking about God’s strange preparations for his people before entering into the land.
  • What do you think about the angel of the LORD saying that he was for the LORD rather than Israel or her enemies?
  • How is Joshua like Moses?  How is he unlike Moses?
  • How is Jesus like Moses and Joshua?  How is he unlike Moses and Joshua?
  • How are we like Jesus?  How are we unlike him?
  • Jimmy suggests that the real enemy that needs to be destroyed is the one within.  Spend some time agreeing or disagreeing with this statement.


  • Read Is God a Moral Monster? By Paul Copan