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Summary: Evangelism is essential to following Jesus.  Unfortunately, sharing the Good News is often seen as a matter of using the right method.  But methods don’t go very far when a conversation about faith runs squarely up against a brick wall of defensiveness or veers off into an unfamiliar landscape of arguments and objections.  What’s a disciple of Christ to do then?

“Ask a question,” says Randy Newman.  It is, after all, what Jesus did.  This “questioning” style of evangelism is without formulas, without answers to memorize, and you don’t have to have a Ph. D. in theology to use it.

Strengths of this Resource: I love this book because it made me think about why I do what I do in this thing called evangelism.  I really challenged me to think through all of life as an opportunity to share the gospel with family, friends and even casual acquaintances.  It encourages us to be better listeners, something that is needed as we engage people with the gospel.

Weakness of this Resource: The only hesitation I would have is if someone mistakenly assumes that Questioning Evangelism means that we only ask questions and never give answers.  The book doesn’t say or promote this, but it is a temptation to retreat into a safety shell and only ask questions and not provide the hard and sometimes offensive answer that comes with being a follower of Christ.

Who is this resource for? Great resource for people who are afraid to share their faith.  Would be a fantastic option for a smallGroup getting ready to serve on one of our ServeLocal, ServeNational, or ServeGlobal teams.  I could also see a group using this to give confidence to parents as they interact with their children’s questions and concerns about Christianity.  I have it in my office and it is available here.