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Dave’s Main Points

A Rebellious Request

I Told You So…



  • Has there been a time when you have asked for something with dual motives? If comfortable, share about one of those times.
  • Examine your requests from God. Pure motives? Any incidence of hedging your bets?
  • Has your understanding of idolatry been expanded through this sermon series?  If so, in what ways?
  • The King will take everything you have. Whatever you are trusting in will      demand everything. What in your life fits this description?
  • Many people have issues with Christianity because of stories like the one in 1Samuel 15. How do you respond to this objection?
  • In what ways are you like Saul (In other words, how are you controlled by your idols)?
  • 1Samuel 15:17 reminds us of God’s work in the life of Saul in the midst of his greatest failure. Saul ‘s hope was in The Lord. But he forgot. Where are you on the memory continuum concerning God’s work for you in Christ?
  • Is it comforting to know that God not only accepts imperfect people, but he demands it?