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Jimmy’s Main Points

  • A Problem
  • A Promise
  • A Perspective

David’s desire is to build the temple but God has other plans and yet he makes an incredible promise to David and his line. David’s response to God is not one disappointment and bitterness but one of acknowledging God for who he is – sovereign and good. How do we deal with disappointment when God moves in ways we don’t understand?


  • How do you respond when God doesn’t give you what you want?
  • In all of David’s successes, he gets lax. Share a time in your life when your success was a detriment to your walk. Why does this happen?
  • Notice the placement of God’s promise to David. In the midst of great sin, God promises unconditional love. Spend some time thinking about and talking about the unbelievable, unconditional love of God toward you.
  • What would it look like if the pages of Scripture unfolded your character, rather than events of your life? Do you ever wonder why God loves you?


  • Meditate on the love promise to David and the love promise to us in Christ!
  • Ponder the unconditional love of God for you.
  • Skim the Psalms this week, list every psalm that reminds you of God’s unconditional love for his people.
  • Pick out one of the letters in the New Testament, list the times that it refers to God’s unconditional love for you in Christ.