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Jimmy’s Main Points

  • Powerful Request
  • Rare Quality
  • Ignoring Truth


  • Wisdom is a rare quality. Agree or disagree?
  • Discuss some dead people who have taught you something either good or bad?
  • What would you ask for if God gave you the same opportunity God gave to Solomon?
  • Spend some time talking about wisdom & and being smart. How are they similar? How do they differ?
  • Proverbs 8 personifies wisdom. What characterizes wisdom?
  • How does wisdom fit into the meta narrative of Scripture (creation, fall, redemption, consummation)? How does this impact our daily living?
  • Look at the patterns of your life. How does wisdom impact the rhythms of your life?
  • Except, however, nevertheless…1 Kings 3, 7, 11. In what areas of your life are these three words used?