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Dave’s Main Points

  • Setting the Stage
  • A Crisis Moment
  • A Remarkable Resolution
  • A Hidden but Active God


  • The story of Esther is about voluntary captives in Babylon. 
  • At this point and time the Jewish captives had lost their identity and looked exactly like their captors, the Babylonians. 
  • What surprised you about Esther?
  • What surprised you about the story of Esther?
  • Esther 3 is a re-enactment of 1Samuel 15 (Agag/Saul & Haman/Mordechai). 
  • How do you respond to the truth that the people of God are constantly threatened throughout the story of God?
  • Have you or one of your family members/friends had a ‘for such a time as this…’ moment?
  • Discuss a time, when you look back at it, can only be explained by God’s activity.
  • Read Philippians 2 and compare the themes of shame and exaltation with the story of Esther. 
  • Think about how the story of Esther is relevant to today with its hidden activity of God. How does this discourage and/or encourage you?