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Jimmy’s Main Points

  • The Promise of Return
  • The Problem of Complacency
  • The Picture of Holiness


  • What does ‘the path’ mean in your walk?
  • What causes you to walk off ‘the path?’
  • Remember these comforting words, ‘I can always return.’
  • What goes through your mind when Scripture tells us that God moved the heart of a godless foreign king (Ezra 1:1)?
  • Note that prophecy should inspire unified confidence (Isaiah 44 & 45 prophesies of Cyrus of Ezra 1:1ff) not division and uncertainty. 
  • All movement towards holiness begins by returning to the place of promise. 
  • How is the gospel your/our place of promise?
  • Have you lived the Word of God?  What does that look like? Where does study of the Word of God positively impact the living the Word of God?  Where is the negative in merely studying the Word of God?
  • In what areas of your life do you see patterns of complacency? Can you see a connection to unfaithfulness?
  • Spend some time in Ezra’s prayer (9:5-15). What do you learn about authentic prayer?
  • Discuss situations in which you have used the truth, ‘there is still hope’, in your life. 
  • Does the term ‘holiness’ cause you guilt?  How does the focus on the Triune God’s work in holiness bring grace rather than guilt?