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This weekend we followup last week’s introduction the Wisdom Literature in Psalm 1, with Psalm 2. Last week Dave opened things up by talking about two ways two live or “What is the good/blessed life, and how can I get in on it?” Psalm 2 talks about the rule of the Lord’s Anointed, or put another way “The King of the Blessed Life”. Christ is the Lord’s Anointed who is one with God. Therefore, the good life, the blessed life, is irrevocably and exclusively tied to God as king.

Psalm 2 begins by asking the question “Why do the nations conspire and the people plot in vain… against the Lord and against his anointed?” The Psalmist then moves to God’s response to those who conspire and plot: He points his anointed whom he has installed as king. Next the psalmist describes the authority given to his anointed king, his son: over the nations and earth, guiding and shaping them in God’s ways. Lastly the Psalmist warns us to serve, worship and love God’s anointed, his son. Let me know if you have any questions.

Cedric’s Main Points

▪   Chains & Shackles

▪   God’s Rebuke

▪   Wisdom and Warning


▪   When you think of the phrase ‘chained & shackled,’ what kinds of images and thoughts come to mind?

▪   How did Cedric’s point that the ‘chains & shackles’ are good things that used for our good (think yoke, unity, holiness)?

▪   Spend some time talking about the difference in the crucified, raised and ascended Christ.  What difference do these distinctions make in everyday life?  (focus on vss. 4-6)

▪   The psalmist talked of nations plotting against God.  Cedric stated that plotting is another way of saying self-reliance.  Spend some time comparing Psalm 1 & 2 and the connections between plotting/self-reliance & blessed life/God as King.

▪   Do you see the yoke of God as representing his holiness?

▪   God’s rebuke is pointing you to the ascended Christ on the throne.  Are you more self-reliant than a servant of the King?

▪   What kind of love do you have towards the ascended King Jesus?  Is it safe and platonic?  Or is it passionate and familial?

▪   Meditate on this prayer of the Puritans concerning the fullness of Christ: Help me to delight more in what I receive from Christ, more in that fullness which is in him, the fountain of all his glory.  Let me not thing to receive the Spirit from him as a thing apart from finding, drinking, being filled with him.  To this end, O God, do thou establish me in Christ, settle me, give me a being there, assure me with certainty that all this is mine, for this only will fill my heart with joy and peace.