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Jimmy‘s Main Points

  • Losing Proposition
  • Looking All Around
  • Living It Out


  • Discuss the following three statements Jimmy made in his sermon.  Do you agree or disagree with each?  What can you do in response to these statements?
  • We cover up emptiness with distraction.
  • We cover up loneliness with being social.
  • We cover up futility with activity.
  • The author of Ecclesiastes has issues with death (9:5f), do you?  How does Christ’s death and resurrection address this issue?  How should a follower of Christ view death (don’t give the expected Christian answer, remember Paul hated death and longed for its obliteration)?
  • The main word in the book of Ecclesiastes gives the sense of the transitory nature of life, even the elusiveness of life.  His one constant source of comfort is the reality of God.  Spend some time discussing this thought.
  • What do you treasure?  How do you treat the things you treasure?