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It seems that everyone in our culture is talking about sex.  Well, everyone except the Church.  And often when the Church does speak, it conveys messages about sex that are just as dangerous as the culture’s.  So this week, we’ll use the Song of Songs as a jumping off point to explore what the Bible really does say about sex.  First, we’ll see that sex is good, a gift from our Creator, and something to be enjoyed and even celebrated.  We’ll look at Genesis 1-2 and also read a number of passages from Song of Songs that celebrate sexual love.  Second, we’ll see that sex is broken.  In the middle of SoS, there is a tense moment when a relational conflict jeopardizes the sexual relationship.  While a sexual relationship is good and beautiful, it is also difficult.  And the greater something is, the more possibility for damage.  We’ll briefly explore some of the ways in which sex is broken (extramarital sex, pornography, sexual or relational lust) and the pain it can cause both partners.  Finally, we’ll bring some hope in two ways.  First, hope for our sexual relationship.  SoS doesn’t end in crisis – there is redemption, forgiveness, reuniting, and reconsummating.  But there is a deeper hope: even the best sex is only a pointer to a more foundational, and more satisfying, relationship – with God and his people.  We’ll end with this focus on Jesus, highlighted in the Wedding Supper of the Lamb (Rev 19).

Dave’s Main Points

  • The Goodness of Sex
  • The Brokenness of Sex
  • The Hope of Sex


  • We should not be ashamed to discuss what God was not ashamed to create.  What thoughts went through your mind when Dave quoted this statement?
  • Why is the book about sexual intimacy in the Wisdom literature of the Bible?
  • Everyone is talking about sex.  Spend some time evaluating where you, your spouse, friends, children hear about sex?
  • Is your biblical understanding of sex a moral code of do’s and don’ts?
  • Make sure each person understands sexual intimacy in light of the big story of Creation-Fall-Redemption-Consummation.
  • What words and feelings would use to describe the brokenness of sex?
  • Is sex the object of your worship or is it a means/pointer to the object of your worship?  What is the difference?
  • How should we walk with those who are struggling with sexual brokenness?
  • Notice that sexual intimacy begins with a wedding (Genesis 2:23-25) in the Bible and ends with a wedding (the consummation of the wedding of the Lamb and his bride in Revelation)!