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This weekend we begin the final section of the Old Testament: “His Story, Our Story”. In the final section the prophets take center stage, 16 men writing 17 books (Jeremiah writes two) that we have subtitled – Telling the Truth. Our look begins with perhaps the greatest of these prophets Isaiah, whose name means God saves.
The passage reveals God’s heart-broken not over the state of the world but by his own people’s rebelliousness and their inability to see the problem. Yet in the midst of this dilemma they continue to put forth a form of worship. Bottom line to God is that form doesn’t matter, neither do the elements of worship, not until there is a repentance leading to a genuine change. This is where God steps in. The Holy God of love provides the answer to our deepest need. He refuses to cooperate with my agenda to feel satisfied instead offering me salvation because he loves me.
Jimmy’s Main Points:
  • God’s Broken Heart
  • Heart of Worship
  • Heartfelt Invitation


  • What images come to mind when you hear the word ‘prophet?’
  • The prophets bring a message from the holy God of love.  Why do you prefer a message from a nice God of love instead?
  • Read Isaiah 1:1-9.  Spend some time meditating on these words from a parental perspective.  Does it change the way you understand God’s relationship with his covenant people?
  • Jimmy said, “The biggest hindrance to our spiritual progress is the fact that we think we are healthy.”  Spend some time talking about this statement.  Do you agree or disagree?  Why or why not?
  • What does meritocracy in your relationship with God look like?
  • Read verses 10-15.  How does this description of satisfying and unsatisfying worship mesh with your understanding?
  • Jimmy ended with these words: “I need the gospel every day, because I need cleansing every day.”  Spend time as a group thinking about these words and using them as a springboard for your time of prayer.