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This weekend we begin the series “Thriving in Babylon”. We will seek to set the tone for the series by looking at Daniel and his ability to succeed while living in exile. It goes way beyond his diet. Behind all the stories is the reality that like all the other books of the Bible – this is really a story about a sovereign God who is a work in all situations.

Jimmy’s Main Points

  • Linking God’s Plan
  • Flexible & Firm
  • Success is Good, Really It Is


  • Jimmy described the spiritual exile of Christians today as, ‘A community centered on God living in a community centered on self.’  Spend some time discussing community in general and community through a Christian lens.  Is there a difference?
  • Do you find yourself expecting Babylon to live like Jerusalem?  If so, what are the most typical issues or situation in which you find yourself expecting unbelievers to act like believers?  How does this impact the way you think about or treat them?
  • Which biblical characters are most easily demonized or made out to be heroes for you?  How do you help your kids get beyond a Veggie Tales understanding (moralizing) of the biblical stories and characters?
  • In your opinion, which is the better description of Christians today?  Why did you choose this description?
  1. They are full of wisdom and tact.
  2. They are scared.
  3. They are angry.
  4. They are hopeless
  • How do you handle the worldly and material success of others?  Other believers?
  • Hyper-individualized spirituality was described by Jimmy as taking a valid spiritual passion and feeling like everyone else should have the same level of passion towards this as you.  This is also called spiritual gift projection.  Spend some time searching your heart and share some areas which you trend toward spiritual gift projection.
  • We are spending seven weeks on the book of Daniel.  Commit to reading Daniel once a week for the next seven weeks.
  • Some helpful resources for Daniel include:  NIVAC Commentary by Tremper Longman III; The Bible Speaks Today Commentary by Dale Ralph Davis