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We move along to Daniel 5 this weekend and we are introduced to a new king but the story echoes themes we have already seen. A king filled with incredible arrogance and the reality that in spite of appearances God is in control. It is easy to deflect onto Babylon for all their dishonoring of God but if we are not careful we will ignore our own ways we dishonor the God we love. The result is instead of thriving we become hypocritical.

Jimmy’s Main Points

  • Defeated & Unaware
  • Danger of Doubting a Sovereign God
  • Deflecting onto Babylon


  • Jimmy stated that the difference between Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar was Daniel.  Discuss what he meant by that statement.
  • How do you live in the tension of God’s sovereignty and human responsibility?  Why does this tension cause so much division in churches?
  • What do you consider blasphemy?  How did this sermon expand or challenge your understanding of blasphemy?
  • How does your understanding that everything is holy change your understanding of blasphemy?
  • In what areas of your life, or ways are ‘deflecting to Babylon?’